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Tourist Visa (L)

Application Process

Applicants will have to collect required documents and send them to our office with any trackable mailing service (i.e. Fedex, USPS, UPS, etc.). Applicants can also drop the documents off to our office in person (4600 E.Washington Street #300, Phoenix, AZ 85034. When your visa has been approved we either call you for pick-up or we mail the passport with the visa back to you right away.

Applicants for tourist or visitor’s visa (L visa) will need the followings:
Required Documents

Original passport valid for at least six months with at least one blank visa page remaining.
·        For first time applicants who were former Chinese citizens, you must submit your original Chinese passport if that Chinese passport has NOT been cut off on one corner (i.e. cancelled) by the Chinese consulate. This passport will be returned upon completion of the visa application, with one corner cut off by the Chinese Consulate. 
·        For applicants under 16 years old, must provide a copy of  birth certificate and  copy of BOTH parents’ passports and green cards (if applicable). If it is not their first time, child applicants just provide their original old Chinese visa.
·        US applicants who were previously Chinese citizens and who changed their US passports (e.g. surname) must submit their old US passport with their old Chinese visas and a copy of  a certificate of name change(if applicable). 

  1. Additional Requirements for Non-US Citizens with Green Card You must send  a copy of  U.S. Green Card. 
  2. Visa Application Form: Download the 2018 Edition form here, complete it and sign it. If you cannot view the page, please click here to download Adobe Acrobat Reader . If you have any problems downloading the form, please contact this office. It is recommended that applicants complete the form on a computer to avoid any mistakes.
  3. One recent passport-type color photograph (2″x2″).
  4. copy of driver license.
  5. Flight and hotel confirmations.


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Your #1 resource for Chinese Visas in the state of Arizona.

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