Tourist Visa

Dive into Chinese’s rich culture and history. From the Forbidden City, to the Great Wall, there is so  much to explore.

Business Visa

Heading to China on business? Find out what the requirements are to obtain a valid business visa for your visit.

Student Visa

If you a student heading to China for schooling, we have you covered. Learn the process for student visas in China.

Working Visa

Working in China? We make the process easy by outlining everything needed to obtain a valid visa.

Global Travel

We specialize in Vietnam Visas, China Visas, Single Authentication, Business Authentication, Property Authentication, etc. (authenications are for China only). Express and rush service is also available.

We also carry discounted tickets for all major Airlines to China and Southeast Asia. In addition, we offer Chinese-speaking tours for travel within the US and English-speaking tours for travel within China.

Global Travel is located in the Cofco Chinese Cultural Center.

Global Travel

Your #1 resource for Chinese Visas in the state of Arizona.

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