Document Authentication

Documents originated in US must be legalized by the Chinese Embassy or Chinese consulate in order to be used in China.  If you need any assistance with your document legalization process, please contact us by email:, or by phone at 602-275-8338 during normal business hours.Document Authentication Instructions

1. Notarize your documents

All non-government issued documents must be notarized by a local notary public, including school documents, power of attorney, adoption papers, single status affidavit, etc.

2. Get your documents certified by the Secretary of State’s office

Send your notarized documents or government issued documents, such as birth/death certificate, marriage certificate, business license, etc, to the Secretary of State’s office in the state where the document was issued. The Secretary of State’s office will certify your documents for a fee. Check with local Secretary of State’s office for detailed instructions.


3. After your document is certified by the Secretary of State (SOS), send both the ORIGINAL AND A PHOTOCOPY of the certified document to Global  Travel for authentication by Chinese Embassy/Consulate. Do not remove any staples or binding when making your copy

4. Photocopy of your passport or driver’s license

A photocopy of the applicant’s passport or driver’s license is required by the Chinese Embassy/Consulates. If you are authenticating a business license, you must send a copy of the company’s legal person’s passport or driver’s license.

6. Complete Application Form for Authentication or Notarization

Fill out the Application Form for Authentication or Notarization. The form must be completely filled, typed in all CAPS, signed and dated.

7. Supporting documents

The Chinese Embassy/Consulates may request additional supporting documents, which is usually handled on a case-by-case basis. For example, if the authenticated documents have to do with property transfer, you must provide a copy of the property’s deed. If and when additional documents are required.